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We provide a range of services that help our clients optimise operations, align IT costs, improve customer service, reduce risk and deliver organisational change to realise tangible benefits.

Management Consulting

We will help you right from conceptualisation to delivery for all your Business transformation, organisational change, process re-engineering or Information Technology initiatives.


With the right blend of proven Management methodologies - PRINCE 2, MSP, PMP and Agile - and relevant industry experince, we will help you deliver and exceed stakeholders' expectations.

Strategic Advice and Assessments

We work from your customer's view point to help you leverage your own organisation and suppliers to trim processes, improve services and maximise benefit with minimal cost towards technology.

IT Development

We work not to sell a product but to get the right solution for you. Our technical solution will be customised to your requirements right from selecting the technology to post-delivery support.

Requirement Engineering

Our unique 'CASE' methodology ensures clear line of communication and subsequent stakeholder agreement on the back of scientific analysis to arrive at recommendations specific to your needs.


We offer support right from defining your e-commerce strategy to designing, developing, optimising, managing and supporting your business and brand to implement and run the trading platform as well as grow your online business.


At DumatiCS all our work is driven by the four underlying principles - "C. A. S. E."


    We are a consultancy company with the belief that one size does not fit all and every solution needs to be based on detailed understanding and needs to be CUSTOMISED to the business requirements. It does not mean we can not reuse lessons learnt but does mean each best practice needs to be tweaked for best results.


    A customised solution for change that does not adapt with changing needs of your business is not really a solution. We work hard to ensure an AGILE solution that adapts to the changes in business landscape.This approach of continuous improvement results in greater success as well as helps in identifying quick wins.


    A customised and agile solution that is complex will take longer to realise benefits and in the current ever changing landscape of competition, in our opinion, time lost is benefit lost; so the third principle behind our every solution, is to keep it SIMPLE. A simple solution will be readily accepted, will have reduced training overheads and will start delivering benefits quicker.


    The core strength of any solution customised or not is that it has to be EFFECTIVE. An effective solution can only be delivered when it is built on the solid foundation of knowing the environment where the solution will be implemented. Having worked with a range of customers, from across the globe, we have the ability to tailor our solutions as per the organisational culture, to ensure it is effective and helps realise the benefits aligned to the original business drivers.

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